Make Your Walls Fly With Paper Butterflies

Make Your Walls Fly With Paper Butterflies

Tired of looking at your bare walls? Paint job too expensive? Or maybe you want to add to what’s already on your walls. Why not make paper butterflies to give your room some feng shui? This craft is appropriate for all ages and they can be made within minutes! You can decorate your room, your kid’s room, the hallway, or your living room by inserting paper butterflies on the walls. You can make them with solid colored paper or printed paper. Use them for table decorations or have them hang from the ceilings. You can arrange them into any shape, letter, or words. They make rooms look spacious and airy. They also aren't permanent, giving you the luxury to change colors and sizes whenever you feel like it. Check out these cool paper butterfly wall treatments:

White Butterflies

white butterflies, white chair, and white table against lavender purple wall

white and pink butterflies canopy over pink themed bedroom

Black Butterflies

black butterflies on white wall with white side table and vase of flowers

different sized black butterflies wall design with lights

Pink & Print Butterflies

pink patterned butterflies on cream wall with mannequin

pink patterned butterflies on pink walls home decor

Party Decoration Butterflies

paper flower decor for pink and green spring themed party

colorful butterflies flying on gold wall with food and beverages party table

Purple Butterflies

purple butterflies with plant in vase against gray and white wall

light purple and dark purple butterflies design on white wall

Red Butterflies

red clock and butterfly art on white wall wall art

red butterfly design on white wall

Time to Make Your Own Paper Butterflies

What You’ll Need





Step #1:

pink paper with butterfly shape traced in pencil

Trace or draw a butterfly on a piece of paper

Step #2:

hands cutting out butterfly outline from pink paper

Cut the butterfly out

Step #3:

pink butterfly cutouts on white wall

Use butterfly as a template to trace more butterflies

Step #4:

pink butterfly wall art with pink and black polka dot gift box

Give them a home

Don’t stop here! Use these butterflies to decorate cakes, cupcakes, goody bags, paper lanterns, and much more.


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