What Your Slack Profile Picture Says About You

What Your Slack Profile Picture Says About You!

Communication is fundamental for any business. Whether you're working from home or in the office, being able to contact your peers is crucial. For those of you who aren't familiar with Slack, it is an instant messaging application that is popular among organizations. It allows for easy and formal means of contact. One of the greatest attributes about Slack, is your ability to customize your profile. Now, just because you're in a professional setting, doesn't mean you can't have a little fun. Personalizing your profile is one way to show your co-workers what you're like in real life. Be what it may, expressing yourself isn't an activity only meant for after work hours. You can be YOU on the clock as well! If you've used slack before, you've probably seen the vast array of photos your coworkers have as their profile pictures. In this article, we're going to tell you What Your Slack Profile Picture Says About You!


You are honest and want to remain professional. Since work from home started, you wish to be transparent with your fellow co-workers. Especially new hires who may not know what you look like! Aside from wanting to keep a genuine profile, you are confident in your appearance. You welcome conversation and encourage your employees to ask you questions!

Favorite Character

Whether its Dory from “Finding Nemo” or Thomas the Train, you want to express what makes you, you. Posting a photo of your favorite television/movie character as your profile pic, makes you seem more approachable to your peers. Because talking to “Danny Phantom” instead of your manager, will most likely take some pressure off your shoulders!

Favorite Animal

If your slack profile picture is your favorite animal, then there is a strong chance you carry similar characteristics to them as well. You also most likely have an infatuation with this particular animal. Like using a raccoon, signifies you are introverted and shy, but also SUPER analytical!

Meme/Funny Photo

You want EVERYONE to know you have a sense of humor. If you have a funny photo as your profile picture, you revel in making your co-workers smile and want to bring fun conversation to the table. Making people laugh is most likely your favorite pastime. You are very comfortable with your peers and excel in making friends with new people.


Besides having an obsession with a specific actor or singer, if your profile picture is a celebrity, you either admire them, find them attractive, or think they are funny. There may even be an inside joke buried just under the surface! …Like taking a personality test and getting “Maverick”, now everyone sees you as Tom Cruise.

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