Plastic Report Covers

Have you been working on this report for a whole year? You've been stressing over it and it is finally done, all it needs is to look presentable, stylish and professional? This Plastic Report Cover is the perfect solution. It will present that report in a way that shows off your confidence in your work. Your files will stay safe and organized in this file folder, and they'll look great! The different colors to choose from will keep you stylish but not to the point of distracting from what's on the inside and what you worked all year to achieve. The boss may even love the cover so much, he'll just skim everything and your promotion was as easy as getting this report cover. (Hopefully he likes your work too, but JAM might help you out at least).

These front report covers are a necessity for any report or final assignment. A Plastic Report Cover will make your work look extra professional while avoiding fingerprints and the hassle of stapling.

Plastic Report Covers feature a durable swing lock along with the file pockets and are available in five colors: Grid Blue, Solid Dark Blue, Frosted Clear, Solid Fuchsia, Solid Green, Solid Purple, and Solid Silver.

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