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Photo Mailers

Ready to send your cherished photos or vital documents with the utmost confidence? Look no further than our robust Photo Mailers! With options from the snug 6 x 6 to the expansive 20 x 27, we've got the size to fit your every need. Our mailers aren’t just sturdy; they're also about giving your items a first-class journey. With paper weights like the substantial 130lb and the reliable 14lb, we offer the strength to protect against bends, tears, and the rigors of transit. Whether it’s the classic elegance of White or the earthy vibe of Brown Kraft, each color choice adds a personal touch to your shipment. Ease of use? You bet! Our Peel & Seal closure makes securing your contents a breeze, while the Zip Stick & Peel & Seal offers an extra layer of security. Looking for something out of the box? Our Photo Mailer with Pouch and unique sizes like the 15 x 12 1/2 x 1 ensure that all your items ship safely and stylishly. From the professional black to the festive snowflake design, we bring personality and performance together. Whether you’re sending a photo keepsake, a portfolio, or safeguarding important documents, our Photo Mailers are your go-to for a mix of protection, convenience, and style. Get ready to dispatch your items with peace of mind and a touch of class!

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Protecting Photos with Photo Mailers

Preserving memories captured in photos is essential, especially when sending them through the mail. Inadequate packaging can lead to irreversible damage, making it crucial to use protective photo mailers. This article will delve into the benefits of using photo mailers, different types available, key features to look for, and proper packing techniques to ensure photos arrive safely. By investing in quality photo mailers, individuals can protect their precious memories and ensure they reach their intended recipients in pristine condition.

Why Use Photo Mailers?

Photo mailers are essential for protecting photos during mailing, as they provide a sturdy and durable barrier against potential damage. When photos are sent through the mail without proper protection, they are at risk of bending, tearing, or being exposed to moisture. By using photo mailers, individuals can ensure that their precious memories arrive safely and in pristine condition.

Benefits of Using Photo Mailers:

One of the key benefits of using photo mailers is that they offer protection from bending, tearing, and moisture damage. This ensures that photos remain intact and arrive in perfect condition.

Types of Photo Mailers

There are various types of photo mailers available to suit different mailing needs, including padded envelopes, rigid mailers, and bubble mailers. Each type offers unique features and levels of protection.

Padded Envelopes:

Padded envelopes provide extra protection for photos by absorbing shock and preventing damage from impact.

Rigid Mailers:

Rigid mailers offer a protective casing to prevent bending or creasing of photos.

Bubble Mailers:

Bubble mailers provide cushioning and protection for delicate photos during transit.

Who Should Use Photo Mailers?

Photo mailers are ideal for individuals who frequently send photos through the mail, such as photographers, artists, families, and businesses. They are suitable for anyone looking to protect their photos from damage during transit.


  • Professional photographers sending prints to clients.
  • Amateur photographers sharing work with friends and family.


  • Artists selling prints of their artwork.
  • Art enthusiasts protecting valuable art prints.


  • Families sending photos for special occasions.
  • Parents preserving and sharing memories of their children.

When to Utilize Photo Mailers

Photo mailers should be used whenever photos are being sent through the mail to ensure they arrive safely and undamaged. It is recommended to use photo mailers for special occasions, professional prints, and sharing personal photos with distant relatives or friends.

Examples of Photo Mailer Use Cases

Using photo mailers can be beneficial in various scenarios, such as sharing vacation photos or sending professional prints to clients. They offer a reliable solution to protect photos during mailing.

Sending Family Photos:

  • Sharing vacation photos with distant relatives.
  • Sending baby photos to grandparents who live far away.

Mailing Professional Prints:

  • Sending art prints to customers who purchased them online.
  • Mailing photography prints to clients for personal or professional use.

What Sets Our Product Apart

Our photo mailers are specially designed to provide maximum protection for your precious memories during mailing. They offer superior durability and resistance to bending, tearing, and moisture damage, ensuring your photos arrive safely and in pristine condition.

Enhanced Protection:

Our photo mailers feature extra padding and reinforcement to safeguard your photos from potential damage during transit, giving you peace of mind when sending photos through the mail.

Various Ways to Use Our Product

Our photo mailers are versatile and can be used in a variety of situations to protect your photos while mailing them. They are ideal for professional photographers sending prints to clients or individuals sharing memories with loved ones.

Professional Photography:

Professional photographers can rely on our photo mailers to deliver prints securely to clients without any damage.

Personal Use:

For personal use, our photo mailers are perfect for sending family photos for special occasions or holidays, ensuring they reach their destination safely.

Preserving Memories with Photo Mailers

Protecting photos during mailing is crucial to ensure that precious memories arrive safely and undamaged. By using durable and protective photo mailers, individuals can safeguard their photos from bending, tearing, and moisture damage, preserving memories for years to come.

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