Photo Mailers

Photo Mailers

With these Photo Mailers, your beautiful photographs and memories will never be bent or torn in transit. Our cardboard mailers are super durable and will keep your most important documents safe and sound from wear and tear. Shop our sizes from 6 x 6 to 20 x 16 x 1/4.

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What are Photo Mailers?

Photo mailers are specialized envelopes designed to protect and transport photographs and other delicate items through the mail. These mailers are typically made with durable materials such as cardboard or chipboard to provide a sturdy and protective casing for the contents inside. They often feature self-sealing closures to ensure the items stay secure during transit. Photo mailers come in various sizes to accommodate different photo dimensions and quantities, making them a convenient and reliable option for sending cherished memories or professional prints.

The Benefits of Using Photo Mailers

Photo mailers offer several benefits for both personal and professional use. They provide a secure and protective way to send photographs without the risk of damage during transit. The sturdy construction of photo mailers ensures that the contents remain flat and undamaged, preventing bending, creasing, or tearing. Additionally, the self-sealing closures make them easy to use and provide added security. Whether sending family photos or professional prints, photo mailers offer peace of mind and ensure that the recipient receives the items in pristine condition.

Use Cases for Photo Mailers

Photo mailers are ideal for a variety of use cases, including sending personal photographs to friends and family, mailing professional prints to clients, or transporting delicate artwork. They are also commonly used by photographers, artists, and businesses that require a reliable and protective solution for shipping photographs and other sensitive items. Photo mailers are versatile and can be used for a wide range of applications, making them a valuable tool for anyone in need of secure packaging for their valuable items.

Alternatives to Photo Mailers

While photo mailers are an excellent choice for protecting and transporting photographs, there are alternative options available depending on specific needs. For larger quantities of photos, padded envelopes or shipping boxes may be more suitable. Alternatively, rigid mailers or document mailers can provide added protection for delicate items such as artwork or certificates. It's essential to consider the size, quantity, and level of protection required when choosing the best packaging solution for shipping photographs and other valuable items.

Tips for Using Photo Mailers

When using photo mailers, it's important to ensure that the contents are adequately protected and secured inside the envelope. Placing the photographs between protective layers, such as cardboard or foam sheets, can help prevent shifting and minimize the risk of damage during transit. Additionally, clearly labeling the envelope as "fragile" or "do not bend" can alert postal carriers to handle the package with care. It's also recommended to use a reliable shipping service to ensure that the photo mailers reach their destination safely and on time.

Choosing the Right Photo Mailers for Your Needs

When selecting photo mailers, it's essential to consider the size and quantity of the items being shipped, as well as the level of protection required. JAM Paper offers a variety of photo mailers in different sizes and materials to suit various needs. Whether sending personal photographs or professional prints, our photo mailers provide a secure and reliable solution for shipping delicate items. With self-sealing closures and durable construction, our photo mailers ensure that your valuable memories and creations arrive safely at their destination.

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