Ridged Binders

A photograph in black and white usually softens it, makes the picture less rigid. But for these binders, that theory can definitely be thrown out the window! These black and white binders are as tough as nails and soft is definitely not in their vocabulary. Is your sibling annoying you lately? This is the perfect binder to hit them with. Just kidding don't do that - but at least you can dream right?

If you want ultimate protection for your important papers and documents, our Ridged Heavy Duty 1 Inch Binders are perfect for you. So when your sibling does try to mess with you and your binder by spilling coffee on it, all that will happen is a "nice try" from you. But if you really love them like we know you do, don't tell them to try and punch this binder - their hand will just break.

Ridged Heavy Duty 1 Inch Binders include 1 inside pocket diecut to fit your business cards and CDs.

Available in White & Black.

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