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White Envelopes

White Envelopes

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When color isn't necessary but elegance is, this beautiful line of White Envelopes will do the trick. These envelopes will bring a clean look to all of your mailing. From different shades of white to an assortment of different sizes, styles, and textures, our White Envelopes are sure to compliment any occasion. Whether you need an invitation, birthday card, or business document sent out, white will bring a professional yet stylish look to anything inside.

When you want to bring texture into your envelope, try our White Strathmore Envelopes. This line comes with your choice of a Wove finish or Laid finish, both creating a beautiful sense of elegance. We also carry a wide variety of Recycled Parchment Envelopes. Try our White Recycled Parchment Envelopes for the cleanest look, or our Talc Recycled Passport Envelopes and Pumice Recycled Envelopes for a tint of gray and a simple speckle design. And for a sparkly look, try our Quartz Stardream Metallic Envelopes. As you go further down, you'll find our different sizes, all specific for different occasions. Try our White Booklet Envelopes to seal your work presentation, our White Commercial Style Envelopes for those invoices and our Security Envelopes for those confidential files. Our White Cardboard Mailers and White Bubble Mailers will surely protect your beautiful photographs and valuable items that need to be shipped, all the while keeping a bright look. The list goes on and on, we even supply White Plastic Envelopes! Start shopping for that clean, simple, and neat look!

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