White Metallic Envelopes

A perfect invitation isn’t complete without the perfect glitter envelope! So finish yours off with a shine. Quartz metallic Envelopes are a pearlescent white color, made from quality paper with a distinguished metallic finish. For an added dosage of sparkle. Greeting cards, wedding invitations, thank you notes, shared photos, and more will all benefit from the beauty that these superior envelopes bring. Use them to make an impression on your recipients. The subtle shimmer of Quartz metallic Envelopes looks great with all colors. Instead of struggling to find an exact color match for your invite, choose a complimentary color instead. The neutral yet pretty tone of Quartz Envelopes gives them the capacity to seamlessly go with any event theme. High quality in make and chic in design. Our glitter envelopes will hold it's sparkle throughout the entire shipping process.

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