Yellow Wrapping Paper

Don't you worry, even though this yellow can also be called blonde, it's a super intelligent way to wrap a present! And isn't true that blondes have more fun anyway? This bright and fantastic yellow gift wrap will surely bring a bright smile on your recipient's face, especially in the array of boring black and white gifts. Going to a summer wedding? How about making your gift stand out with yellow? We're pretty positive that the bride and groom will want to open your present first! Or how about changing it up during the holiday season? Match the yellow color with red and green and your guests might be confused, but they'll definitely be intrigued!

We carry the perfect yellow glossy solid roll for you! The glossy finish is sure to make your yellow present even brighter and shinier and the solid color is sure to make a statement. This Yellow Wrapping Paper Roll is available in a 12.5 sq ft roll, you just won best present of the year!

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