Silver Gift Bows

Give your gift a little lift with these Silver Gift Bows! With a perfect shine, your gift will be just as perfect, maybe even more (if that is possible). Whether you're using the bow for a great accessory for that birthday present, sticking it on a party favor, or using it to adorn your ornaments at Christmas time, these bows will highlight whatever item they're attached to.

With many sizes to choose from, you can attach the bow to the smallest ring box all the way to the largest gift bag. The self-adhesive tab that comes with every bow will make sure that your gift looks as good as when you created the masterpiece. So don't go without silver for the holidays, weddings, birthdays and more!

Silver Gift Bows are available in six sizes (measured by diameter):

- Small (3.5 inches)
- Regular (5.5 inches)
- Large (7 inches)
- Extra Large (8 inches)
- Mega (9 inches)
- Giant (13 inches)

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