Red Gift Bows

Ah, the classic Red Gift Bow. If not for this brightly colored embellishment, presents would simply not be as awesome. This red bow makes any present pop! Use Red Gift Bows for holidays, birthdays, weddings, anniversaries, and anything in between! They are also great for decorating and arts and crafts.

Red Gift Bows have a self-adhesive sticker attached to the bottom for easy placement. Available in five sizes. Measurements are the length of the diameter.

- Small (3.5 inches)
- Large (7 inches)
- Extra Large (8 Inches)
- Mega (9 inches)
- Giant (13 inches)

Use the small bows for small packages like jewelry boxes, accessories, envelopes, cards, and more. Giant bows are great for bigger gifts like bicycles, TV's, appliances, and a car! Regular, large, and mega sizes work on just about any other size gift.

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