Purple Gift Bows

You'll look like a gift wrapping pro with this bow! The purple color, unique to most gift bow colors, will create a gift unlike any other. It's sweet, it's shiny, it's the way to go!

Top your gift off with purple for any kind of occasion. From birthdays to anniversaries, from weddings to just-because-I-want-to-give-a-gift gifts, these bows will not only adorn your gifts but also make them super impressive. Your recipient will most likely give you that nod in agreement. And the large size in diameter (more than half the width of a ruler) will make sure to make a statement and keep it.

These Purple Gift Bows come with a self-adhesive tab. This way you can easily stick it onto your gift and not worry about it falling off on the bumpy car ride to grandma's (who, by the way, will love love love this color).

Purple Gift Bows measure at 7 inches in diameter. Currently coming in Purple and Violet.

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