Pink Gift Bows

Give your gift some feminine flair with our Pink Gift Bows! No matter the occasion, no matter the event, the pink bow will always give a sweet touch to any gift. Top your gift off with pink and be as pretty as the color itself.

We have an assortment of sizes so that every gift will be topped with a darling touch. Use our small bows for small packages like jewelry boxes and gift cards, use our regular bows for things like clothes and shoes, and use our mega bows for that new bike she's always wanted! We even have specialty bows that look like fireworks! From baby showers to your girl's birthday, from breast cancer awareness fundraiser party favors, to anything else you can think of! The best part is all bows have a self-adhesive sticker on the bottom to easily stick on and easily place!

Pink Gift Bows are available in four sizes:

- Small (3.5 inches): Pink or Hot Pink
- Regular (5.5 inches): Light Pink
- Special (Fireworks): Pink

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