Green Gift Bows

Luigi, Mike Wazowski, the Hulk, Shrek, and every other green character there is LOVE these Green Gift Bows and use them every year during the holidays. What better way to spread some Christmas spirit than with the one color that represents it? Pair it with red wrapping paper and, well, you might be better than St. Nick himself!

Our gift bows come in an assortment of sizes (listed below) so that any sized gift will have a suitable green bow, making it super easy to gift wrap. Another feature that makes these super easy to make your gift look amazing is the self-adhesive flap in the back. Now all you need to do is stick these on the top of your gifts and they are good to give away!

Green Gift Bows are available in three sizes (measured in diameter):

- Small (3.5 inch in Shiny Green
- Large (7 inch) in Hunter Green, Lime Green, and Bright Lime
- Extra Large (8 inch) in Green and Green Glossy
- Mega (9 inch) in Green, Lime Green, and Dark Green

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