Gold Gift Bows

A gift dressed in gold is a gift worth giving. With our great collection of Gold Gift Bows, you'll certainly have the best accessory to add to your luxurious gift. Whether you need a bow for on top of your gift, to add to your Christmas decorations, or make a bold craft even more bold, these bows will surely be there to complete the gifts, decorations, and crafts.

With our assortment of sizes listed below, you'll be able to match any size bow with any size gift. Go for our smaller sizes for jewelry, gift cards, and other small trinkets. Or go for giant sizes for those huge gifts like cars or dogs! All of our gold gift bows come with self-adhesive tabs so that they will be easy to stick on.

Gold Gift Bows are available in five sizes (measured by diameter).

- Small (3.5 inches): Gold and Gold Speckled
- Regular (5.5 inches): Gold
- Large (7 inches): Gold and Gold Speckled
- Extra Large (8 inches): Gold
- Mega (9 inches): Gold
- Giant (13 inches): Gold

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