Ivory Tableware

Wine and dine with our elegant Ivory Disposable Tableware! When you want to look classy without breaking your wallet, our ivory disposable tableware will be your perfect match. Perfect for backyard weddings, bridal showers, or baby showers, this ivory color brings an elegant edge to the best parties. Best part? The disposable factor! Every item in our Ivory line is super easy to clean up. All you need to do is throw the item out and cleaning up your party is finished.

Our Ivory Plastic Plates are durable and sturdy. So whether you pile up your food from that buffet table or want a few cookies, our plastic plates will keep everything together. Our Ivory Plastic Cups are just as durable. So get rid of those paper cups and go for our perfect plastic. Whether you need to clean a mess or want to stay clean, our Ivory Paper Napkins will certainly come to the rescue. Available in three different sizes for any kind of meal size! And to top your elegance off right, cover your table with our Ivory Tablecovers available in paper and plastic. Get super fancy with Ivory without breaking that party budget and start browsing now.

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