Gold Tableware

All of your party needs will meet the Gold Standard with our Gold Disposable Tableware. When you want to give some extra shine, extra elegance, and extra royalty into your party, this tableware will surely bring that message to life.

From elegant Christmas parties, to beautiful weddings, to Olympic event parties, even to everyday use, this gold is sure to make your party super classy and super bright. Go for our Gold Plastic Plates, available in two different sizes, to make your food seem even sweeter. The plastic material is perfect for keeping even the heaviest meals intact while the gold shows off your glamorous style. Our Gold Plastic Cups will make you feel like a king, since they will remind everyone of those golden chalices. And our Gold Paper Napkins will wipe away any mess with panache. Go for the gold with our Gold Disposable Tableware and feel like a King, Queen, Olympian, and a Greek God, all in one.

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