Clear Tableware

With our widest variety of Tableware comes our Clear Plastic. You deserve the best for all of your party essentials, and you've clearly landed on the right page. With our Clear Disposable Tableware, matching your theme will be as easy as setting the table!

Use our Clear Plastic Plates to hold your meals with a sleek style and super stability! From our Round Plastic Plates available in two different sizes to our Clear Square Plates for a modern look, the first course to dessert, these plates will have you covered. And the perfect accessories for your plates are our Clear Plastic Forks, Clear Plastic Knives, and Clear Plastic Spoons. Whether you're having steak, soup, pasta, or cake, this durable plastic silverware will last through all courses. And when you need a drink to sip on, our Clear Plastic Cups in two separate sizes will relieve that thirst. The clear color is great for any time of year and for any occasion. From the holiday season all the way to summer and everywhere in between, Clear Disposable Tableware will be easy to set up and easy to clean up!

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