Brown Tableware

Try to find a rich color like this chocolate brown anywhere else. It's impossible! Adding our one-of-a-kind color to your party makes for the perfect statement, especially if you're trying to be awarded party of the year. Great for Thanksgiving and fall festivities, our Brown Disposable Tableware will surely attest to your strong style.

Match your chocolate desserts, from chocolate bars to chocolate cake, with our Chocolate Brown Plastic Plates. Sure to add some extra richness into any type of meal, these plates are durable and long lasting. Since they come in two different sizes, your lightest to your heaviest meals will stay put. Of course with the perfect chocolate dessert you need some yummy chocolate milk. With our Brown Plastic Cups, you'll be able to hold any liquid with an awesome color to boot. Don't worry about spilling! With our Brown Paper Napkins, available in three different sizes, messes will be easy to clean up and easy to throw away. Cover your tables in our Brown Tablecovers and get the richest color there is! In plastic or paper, your table will be as decorated as it gets. When you want your table to be unique and make a strong statement, choose brown and start browsing!

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