Wired Edge Ribbon

So Rudolph might have had a shiny nose, but our ribbon definitely beats his spark. If all of the reindeers wore these around their necks, Rudolph wouldn't have seemed cool and probably still would've been on the Island of Misfit Toys, but Santa would've gotten around the world quicker! And gifts are what Christmas is all about anyway right?

Available in an assortment of styles, our Wire Edged Ribbon will make any gift shine! Wrap these around neutral wrapping, and your gift will be sure to come to life! Go for something more loud with our choices of 2" wide ribbon, or go for a smaller delight with our 1/2" wide ribbon. Either way, your family and friends will definitely enjoy the metallic spectacle!

This gold ribbon and silver ribbon combo comes in 3 yard rolls. 9 feet of ribbon! 60% metallic and 40% Nylon.

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