Feather Ribbon

That gift wrapping competition you're going to, well it wouldn't be anything without this ribbon! We are warning you ahead of time that this ribbon is going to ruffle up some feathers. Especially the winner of last year. Because this year - that trophy is YOURS!

Decorate your gifts, banners, art projects, anything with these feather ribbons and you are sure to get noticed. Not only will the metallic shine blind that competition of yours but the feather material will definitely bring you to the next level! Higher than the rest, you'll soar through the competition with flying colors. Literally! We have five colors available and any of them will get the attention of all of the judges, even the one that gives everyone a "seven" just because. Don't worry about him, he'll come around once he feels the texture of this ribbon. The color and material might not do him in, but once he looks closely - you're in!

JAM would personally like to congratulate you on your win. You're welcome.

Feather Ribbon is available in Silver, Green, White, Rainbow, and Gold. 3 yards per spool. 100% Metallic.

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