Silver Ribbon

When you want your wrapping paper, arts and crafts, or home decor to scream elegance, class, and sophistication, silver is the right color for you. Our Silver Ribbon is bound to catch your attention. From the very start, when you're stripping the Silver Ribbon off the spool, the shimmer and shine of each of our choices will automatically become a favorite.

From eight different categories to choose from, shine will always be in your favor. Our Silver Satin Ribbon, which is our most popular, will brighten up any Christmas gift with grace and beauty. Or go for our Grey and White Baker's Twine for a sturdy yet sweet touch to your home decorations. Even try our unique Silver Feather Ribbon that not only carries a beautiful shine but an awesome texture as well! Any silver choice we have will make your Christmas presents, your wedding gifts, even your invitations shimmer into the night. So start browsing and start shining today!

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