Kraft Ecoboard Business Card Cases

Promoting your business doesn't mean you have to ruin your environment. These eco-friendly business card cases are eco-everything! 100% recycled and stylish to boot, you'll never feel like you're doing harm to any of your animal friends. These are a great choice for those businesses or non-profits that rely on helping your environment. So when you open this business card case, people can never peg you as a hypocrite. Instead, they'll say you're the next Angelina Jolie (minus all of those kids she has).

You'll definitely feel famous with our Kraft Ecoboard Business Cases. Recommended in New York Magazine's December 2008 "The Gift List" - 100 gifts under $100, these cases have a name of their own. And having your name attached to it will make your business that much more valuable.

Available in Terracotta, Natural Kraft, Lime Green, Royal Blue, Black Kraft, Purple, Mustard, and Green. Cases hold approximately 20 standard size business cards.

Customize with your logo or colors (minimum is 100 pieces). Click 'Build a Custom Portfolio' at the bottom of the page!

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