Yellow Pens & Markers

You know who absolutely loves these markers? Ernie's rubber duckie. After having to entertain Ernie for his entire bathtime, he can enjoy himself with these yellow markers! Wait, you didn't know? He's an artist! He actually wrote the Rubber Duckie song himself but didn't want to get a bad reputation for basically singing about how awesome he is.

We aren't kidding when we say he used these markers to inspire the lyrics! When he was running out of ideas, the yellow marker inspired him to write one of the best lyrics of the whole song: "cute and yellow and cubby (rub-a-dub-a-dubby!)";. When he gave the lyrics to Ernie, Ernie knew they'd be a hit! Mr. Duckie didn't even think it was that great of a song, but once Ernie say the enticing yellow on the paper, he was convinced! (Not that it takes much to get Ernie's attention;)

So want to make another yellow based song like Coldplay ...; or Rubber Duckie? Make your mark in the music business with these Yellow Markers! These bright markers are the perfect fit to get any producer to sign you! Or you know if you just want them for the office, that works too!

Yellow Markers include: Ultra Fine Point Markers, Fine Point Markers, Broad Line Opaque Paint Markers, Fine Line Opaque Paint Markers, Acrylic Paint Markers and Chalk Markers.

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