White Pens & Markers

The saying "like white on rice" should definitely be changed to "like white on JAM white pens and markers". Not only will you be attached to them like the phrase suggests, but they really are the whitest markers around.

Many people may be asking themselves right now what is the point of a white pen? Well, remember in grammar school when you would want a really cool dark piece of construction paper, but when you used a regular marker it just looked brown? Well, here was your solution. Too bad that you're too late. But now you can at least help your children get that A+ you couldn't get when you were young!

These White Pens and Markers are perfect for that unconventional art project, invitation, or holiday card! There will be no more frustration when it comes to that dark colored paper with these!

White Pens and Markers include many styles such as White Gel Pens (0.7 mm), White Opaque Paint Markers (Broad and Fine Line), White Acrylic Paint Markers (Jumbo and Chisel Tip) and White Chalk Markers (Fine, Broad, Jumbo).

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