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The two most confident cartoon characters out there, Jessica Rabbit and Betty Boop, wear red. And it definitely isn't just a coincidence. Red makes anyone confident! From a red dress to red lips to even a red marker. So whether you are drawing those chic women with these red markers, or creating your own cartoon - everyone will understand the message you're trying to portray.

That confidence doesn't just end at cartoons though. Ever realize that teachers are prone to using the red pen? It might be for an intimidation factor, but really it just gives them the confidence they need to tell you that you did something wrong. These red pens will blare out to any student but also help the teacher with the tough grading process.

Red Pens and Red Markers are great for art projects, editing papers, and everyday writing!

Choose between over 10 different red pen and marker options: Red Le Pens, Red Gel Pens, Red Calligraphy Pens, Red Ultra Fine Point Markers, Red Fine Point Markers, Red Opaque Paint Markers, Red Chisel Tip Markers, Red King Size Markers, Red Magnum Size Markers, Red Acrylic Paint Markers, and Red Chalk Markers.

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