Grey/Silver Pens & Markers

You'll definitely be saying "what's up Doc?" after you grab one of these pens! Bugs Bunny may be in love with those orange carrots, but he's definitely more in love with our Silver & Grey Pens & Markers since they match his fur! But beware: Elmer Fudd gave up on huntin' for wabbits. He's now in search for these markers instead since they're of more use than a dead rabbit anyway (if you think about it, without Bugs, Elmer Fudd wouldn't even have been drawn).

Bugs Bunny uses these pens to write out what the next Warner Bros. cartoon episode. But you can use them for anything! Artwork, schoolwork, labeling storage items, even for everyday writing! Maybe you can even draw the next best grey cartoon character! Because Bugs always trumps over any other. He's a classic!

Silver/Grey Pens and Markers are available in multiple styles: Le Pens, Gel Pens, Ultra Fine Point Markers, Fine Point Markers, Calligraphy Pens, Acrylic Paint Markers, and Opaque Paint Markers.

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