Gold Pens & Markers

So your teacher never gave you that gold star huh? She was set on only giving you demerits. But we now know why. And no, it's not because you were a "bad" student. It's because she just never had the chance to get these awesome gold pens and; markers! So to make herself feel better she just went with the typical black marker and slammed that circle on every report card you had. Now it's your turn to make yourself feel better! Draw in that gold star on every paper you have and think of that one teacher that never liked you -; for no reason whatsoever other than not having these JAM markers.

Write luxuriously with Gold Pens and Gold Markers! You'll never go a day without feeling like you deserve a gold star!

Gold Pens and Markers are available in many styles: Gold Gel Pens, Gold Fine Point Markers, Gold Calligraphy Pens, Gold Acrylic Paint Markers, and Gold Opaque Paint Markers.

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