Brown Pens & Markers

Relient K has taught us the easy way out of college in their song "College Kids";: arts and crafts is all you need, take calligraphy and then make a fake degree. If you happen to believe that this will work for you - well, these pens are probably the best choice. What says professional and legitimate more than a brown marker?

Did you miss that memo and decided to graduate instead of faking it? Sorry you didn't read this description beforehand. But our brown markers aren't only for your needs! It's for faking your daughter or son's degree so you don't have to worry about student loans! Or maybe just using them for some arts and crafts of your own and dash; that tree isn't a tree without some bark you know.

Brown Pens and Brown Markers are available in a variety of fabulous styles! Brown Le Pens, Brown Ultra Fine Point Markers, Brown Fine Point Markers, Brown Calligraphy Pens, Brown Chalk Markers, Brown Chalk Markers, Brown Acrylic Paint Markers, and Brown Opaque Paint Markers.

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