Packing Tape

Whether you're wrapping gifts, making arts and crafts, or fixing something that's broken, Clear and Colorful Packaging Tape is a necessity. Who wants glue when you can easily rip a strip and stick? Our three categories will surely come in handy whenever you need them!

Our Color Duct Tape is perfect for brightening up your arts and crafts like making your own wallet, bracelet, or purse. Even decorating your bens and binders! Our Clear Packaging Tape is as durable as it gets. Whether you want your tape with a dispenser or by the roll itself, our tape will seal everything up tight so that your packaging will be easy to mail and less stressful to package. We even carry Double Sided Tape for easy taping! All you need to do is rip and place on your awesome craft, since it's double sided there's no other steps. Try our Mounting Tape which is perfect for making your scrapbooks come to life. Make your holidays, birthdays, and other special occasions as easy as grabbing a roll and taping up the presents!

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