Christmas Labels

Buddy the Elf might think that the best way to spread Christmas cheer is singing loud for all to hear, but at JAM we think the best way to spread Christmas cheer is sending labels out for all to see! These labels will not only make your holiday gift presentable, it will make the receiver of your gift feel extra special. Handing them a gift without these labels is just a box with something inside. Handing them with these labels makes it special for both you and the recipient (you know since both of your names will be on it)

With a wide variety of Christmas envelope seals to choose from, you'll never feel like you chose the wrong one! No one will ever call you a cotton-headed ninnymoggins again! Want to go for the larger labels and make a huge impact? Choose our Red or Green Christmas labels! Want to go for a subtler yet still as adorable impact? Choose our foil labels!

If smiling is your favorite, then you'll definitely be doing your favorite activity with these labels!

Christmas To From Labels are available in multiple sizes and styles. Foil stickers, holiday stickers, small labels, and large labels!

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