1 1/2 Inch Circular Labels

You won't have to ever lick an envelope again once you get a handle on these circular seals! Attach one of our seals to the back of the envelope flap and we're positive that letter will be sealed up tight as they travel - from the post office all the way to the address you wrote on the front. And with the shine of these seals, everyone will be even more excited to rip open up the surprise inside.

But you don't have to use these just for sealing envelopes! Since our seals come in 100 per roll, you can start labeling your documents as well! Choose one color for all of your work documents and another for your personal documents. This way you won't ever mix up that big presentation for work with your children's book reports. Because that would be way too awkward...

1 1/2 Inch Circular Label Seals are available in Black Glossy, Gold Foil and Silver Foil.

100 seals per roll.

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