Bottle Neck Labels

Elevate your beverage promotions and product packaging with JAM Paper’s Bottle Neck Labels. Shaped uniquely to fit the neck of bottles, these labels come in a range of finishes to suit your specific needs. From glossy to matte, weather-resistant to removable, and available in numerous colors such as Neon Red, Yellow, Pink, Orange, Green, and more, these labels make a statement. The Silver and Gold Foil finishes add a luxurious touch, while the durable metallic and tear-resistant high gloss film layers ensure your promotional messaging remains intact. Perfect for labeling wine, beer, or any beverage bottles, these labels also work well for crafting, gift personalization, and more. With adhesive backings, suitable-for-handwriting options, and a variety of finishes, JAM Paper’s Bottle Neck Labels provide an exceptional way to customize your promotions.

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