Recycled Envelopes

Recycled Envelopes

Our recycled envelopes are consciously crafted to support our planet without compromising on quality or style. Available in elegant shades of Ivory and White, these envelopes cater to various needs while embodying environmental responsibility. With a substantial range of sizes, from the more generous #10 (4 1/8 x 9 1/2) down to the compact #17 (2 11/16 x 3 11/16), our recycled envelopes are perfect for every occasion, whether it's for personal letters, business correspondence, or special invitations. Choose from booklet, square, or open-end openings to suit your mailing preferences. Sealing these envelopes is a breeze, with peel & seal options for quick closure, and gummed varieties that offer a classic seal. Our envelope flaps come in straight, contour, and commercial styles, ensuring that your contents are secure and your envelopes have that professional touch. We haven't forgotten about visibility – with options for windows, you can display addresses conveniently, ensuring your mail reaches its destination without a hitch. With a paper weight of 32lb, they offer durability and reliability in every dispatch. Embrace our recycled envelopes for your mailing needs and join us in making environmentally conscious choices.

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Benefits of Recycled Envelopes

Key Summary:

  • This article explores the importance of using recycled envelopes for eco-friendly mailing practices.
  • Benefits include reduced environmental impact, cost-effectiveness, and enhancing eco-friendly image.

In today's world, using recycled envelopes is a simple yet impactful way to reduce your carbon footprint. By choosing recycled envelopes, you can contribute to the reduction of waste in landfills and conserve natural resources. This environmentally conscious choice can make a significant impact on promoting a more sustainable future.

Reduced Environmental Impact

Using recycled envelopes helps conserve resources, reduce waste, and lower energy consumption in manufacturing.

Benefits of Post-Consumer Waste

Post-consumer waste recycled envelopes divert waste from landfills and support a sustainable supply chain.


Recycled envelopes are competitively priced and can lead to cost savings for businesses in the long run.

Economic Benefits for Businesses

Businesses can save money on mailing expenses and attract environmentally-conscious customers by using recycled envelopes.

Eco-Friendly Image

Using recycled envelopes can enhance a company's eco-friendly image and attract sustainable consumers.

Appealing to Sustainable Consumers

Companies can differentiate themselves and build trust with customers by using recycled envelopes.

Who Should Consider Using Recycled Envelopes

Recycled envelopes are suitable for small businesses, non-profit organizations, individuals, companies, and organizations seeking cost-effective and eco-friendly mailing solutions.

When to Incorporate Recycled Envelopes

Consider using recycled envelopes for marketing materials, personal correspondence, invoices, special occasions, and regular mailing practices.

Examples of Recycled Envelopes in Use

Recycled envelopes can be effectively used by small businesses, individuals, non-profit organizations, companies, and event planners to promote sustainability.

What Sets Our Product Apart

Our recycled envelopes are made from high-quality materials, ensuring durability and reliability for modern businesses and individuals.

Quality Assurance

Our recycled envelopes undergo rigorous quality checks to meet the highest standards of durability and performance.

Applications of Recycled Envelopes

Our recycled envelopes can be used for business mailings, personal correspondence, non-profit organizations, event planners, and individuals.

Customization Options

Choose from a variety of sizes, colors, and styles to personalize your envelopes and promote sustainability.

Maximizing Your Experience with Recycled Envelopes

Follow best practices such as choosing the right size and style, proper addressing and sealing, and exploring customization options for a unique mailing experience.

Sustainable Packaging Solutions

Our range of sustainable packaging options aims to reduce waste and protect the planet with eco-friendly materials and practices.


By choosing recycled envelopes, individuals and businesses can make a positive impact on the environment while also benefiting from cost savings and a greener image. Incorporating recycled envelopes into mailing practices is a simple yet effective way to promote sustainability and align with the values of eco-conscious consumers.

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