9.75 x 13 Envelopes

Capturing your favorite color, organizing your workspace, and protecting your documents might have been difficult before. But, with our 9 3/4 x 13 Envelopes that combination will certainly be achieved. These envelopes, also known as Letter Booklet Envelopes, are the perfect size for those documents you don't want to bend or tear. All made of durable plastic, our most popular envelope material! This way your documents will stay protected and will be stored in style.

The variety we have to choose from is basically endless! We've sorted our 9.75 x 13 Plastic Envelopes by color to make it easy for you to pick which one works with our workplace or home office style. Choose from our red envelopes for a vibrant and strong look, or go professional with our black envelopes. Create a sense of happiness with our orange envelopes or go for a calming effect with our blue envelopes! And as you click which one works for you the most, you'll find an even wider variety on each page. From Velcro® Brand closures to zip closures, from button and string to snap, each of our closures will tightly secure any document you put inside. Need more storage? Don't worry! We have a lot of envelopes that feature a 1 inch expansion or 2 inch expansion depending on how much you need. Or would you rather stay super organized with your envelope? Try our multi-pocket collection for the perfect organization tool.

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