9.25 x 12.25 Envelopes

So our envelopes might not be as funny as when Jim put Dwight’s stapler in jello, but they do have the same quality! Translucence! And JAM might not be a cooler name than Dunder Mifflin (debatable) but we definitely have cooler products: like this clear envelope!

This clear envelope is perfect to store all of our other 9x12 envelopes perfectly inside! Dunder Mifflin never sold these to you did they? Make a list of what a good quality boss is and put it in this envelope for that Michael Scott in the office. Or be a Dwight and write a contract that states, “no more pranks” and have absolutely no one sign it. He would definitely use this clear envelope to be extra safe: he is a volunteer sheriff’s deputy. Or be a Jim and use this clear envelope for another prank. He had so many that JAM doesn’t have any suggestions, but good luck! And try not to get fired…

Clear 9.25x12.25 Envelopes are also known as 9x12 cello sleeves! These envelopes are clear with a self adhesive strip.

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