8 x 8 Square Envelopes

These 8 x 8 Square Envelopes are anything but crazy! When you want your wedding invitation, birthday blessing, or business advertisement to have a certain edge that the standard envelope doesn't bring, you'll should definitely pick these up! Square Envelopes are perfect for those specific sized material that need a specific sized envelope. The 8 x 8 size will surely bring a bigger and better statement too! Available in an assortment of colors, our 8 x 8 Square Envelopes will be able to compliment any occasion.

Our collection of translucent square envelopes will bring an even greater unique value to your mailing. Our Blue 8 x 8 Square Envelopes come in two separate shades, giving you the ability to choose which works for you. And our Clear 8 x 8 Envelopes are sure to highlight your invitation instead of hide it. Want to give a cheery birthday card? Try our Primary Yellow 8 x 8 Square Envelopes. Want to seem all natural? Try our Earth Brown 8 x 8 Square Envelopes! This is a great color for when you want to promote the environment. When you want to give an opaque touch into your mail, try our White 8 x 8 Square Envelopes. The bright white will make your content seem as clean and pristine as it gets. So balance your look with these square envelopes and start browsing now!

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