7 x 10 Envelopes

Instead of trying to stuff your content inside of those small envelopes, how about getting a stack of these 7 x 10 Envelopes? You won't have to bend your papers or tear your envelope, so you get the best of both worlds. These envelopes are considered catalog envelopes. Store your catalogs, pamphlets, brochures, or other important documents in here and have them as fresh as when they slipped into the envelope. Our simple yet quality envelopes will make your work documents stay professional and sleek.

In order for you to pick the one that makes most sense for your occasion, we've categorized our envelopes by color. And as you search through the different colors, you'll find an array of different styles to choose from too. Our White 7 x 10 Envelopes come in booklet or open end. Our booklet envelopes open on the long side while our open end envelopes open on the short side. And when you want the perfect manila envelope (essential for any office), our brown envelopes are here for you. With a metal clasp, certain to secure your documents, you can't go wrong. These envelopes are open end, which helps to keep your documents inside even if it's opened. You'll make sure to stay simple and stay professional with these envelopes!

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