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You thought we had variety before, but just look at this page! Just because these all of these envelopes might be the same size, doesn't mean the variety is lacking. 6 x 8 Envelopes are perfect for bigger invitations or photographs that need protection. Some open on the long side (also known as booklet envelopes) and some open on the short side (also known as open end envelopes). Some are made of foil, others paper, and others cardboard. We can't help but give you the best variety we can offer!

Try our 6 x 8 Photo Mailers for the perfect protection for your memorable photographs or other documents that should not be bent or torn. The cardboard material is as strong as it gets, making sure that your content won't bend in the process of being mailed out. And the self-adhesive strip will close your valuable content up tight, easily and efficiently. Want to store your documents and at the same time be able to see through them? Try our Clear 6 x 8 Envelopes! This way grabbing the exact documents you need will be as easy as looking at it. And the zip closure is sure to make it even easier to close up when you're done with them. We also carry a line of foil lined envelopes, perfect for invitations, cards, or holiday greetings. If you want variety, you've come to the right page, so start shopping today!

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