6 x 6.5 Envelopes

Padded protection and bubbly brightness, our 6 x 6 1/2 Envelopes are sure to keep your valuables chic and stylish, protected and secure. These envelopes are also known as Bubble Mailers, which means that the inside and outside is padded with bubbles! Not only that, but each of these choices have a Metallic finish, sure to make your recipient smile just as bright. The 6 x 6.5 envelope is also considered to be CD size so storing your CD's in here instead of having them everywhere on your home office desk is as easy as slipping them inside. Other valuables commonly stored or sent in here are jewelry or photographs. The padding is sure to protect!

Each of these CD sized envelopes is categorized by color, to make it easy for you to navigate through our collection. Choose our Red Metallic Bubble Mailers for those Christmas presents, or Gold Bubblopes® for a super cool birthday package. All of our colors have the option of either a self-adhesive closure or Velcro® brand closure, both ensuring that your valuable gifts will be safe inside. Start shopping for a shiny padded package today!

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