#5.5 Coin Envelopes - 3 x 5.5

Hard currency is notoriously hard to handle. Bills are a breeze to deal with; they can be folded, banded, filed away, the list goes on. Coins on the other hand just don't want to cooperate. While coin purses and pouches are welcome nuances in the world of cash, neither option is ideal. Realistically speaking, coin pouches aren't easily stored and can't carry a large amount of coins without mixing different amounts together.

With the advent of modern technology though, there's a much more convenient solution to the age old problem of coins. Coin envelopes! Simpler than a leather sack and certainly less conspicuous, JAM Paper's coin envelopes are perfect for every size and unit of currency. Plus, with added advantage of being made out of paper, you can write on them! Never again will you confuse two envelopes because you neglected to learn the weights of all your coins. Problem solved!

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