5.4375 x 8.625 Envelopes

Say hello to cello! These 5 7/16 x 8 5/8 Cello Envelopes are sure to keep your documents safe, sweet, and stunning all at the same time. The cello material is super durable since it is tear-proof and water resistant. The size is perfect for your 5 x 7 photographs, your greeting cards, your invitations, or thank you notes. All are equipped with a self-adhesive closure which makes it super simple to close (all you have to do is peel and seal) and super easy to send off. Not only will you feel secure as you send it off, but once your recipient takes a look at the envelope, a smile will automatically appear.

Since color is what most of us notice first, we decided to categorize our 5.4375 x 8.625 Envelopes by color. Most of our collection comes in pretty pastel colors that will give your envelope a sweet touch, perfect for baby shower invitations or congratulations on an anniversary. Some even have different shades to choose from! So start shopping for cello and start smiling today.

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