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Having your office space organized and clean is the first sign of a great day. And with our 5 1/4 x 10 Envelopes, your office will not only be organized but will keep your desk lively and bright. Also known as #10 Business Envelopes, these are great for storing your checks, invoices, and statements, or even your office pens, pencils, and markers. The best part about these envelopes is the poly plastic material. Our most popular kind of envelopes, the plastic will surely protect your content and keep your documents super secure too.

We've made our selection easy to navigate by categorizing by color. This way you can either choose a favorite color of yours, or one that matches your office theme, maybe even your company colors. As you click the one that speaks to you, you'll find an assortment of closures to choose from. From zip closures to tuck flap, from button and string to Velcro brand closures, we have it all. Each one of our closures will make sure that your content does not fall out, does not rip or tear, and does not get harmed in any way. We even have some categories that have different shades of the same color. For example, our Green 5.25 x 10 envelopes are available in green and lime green. Search even further to find that some of our envelopes expand! This way you'll be able to fit more and more inside without shoving anything in. Make sure to grab a booklet business envelope for your office desk to guarantee great organization.

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