5.0625 x 7.1875 Envelopes

Captive and cover with our 5 1/16 x 7 3/16 Cello Envelopes! Cellophane is a great material for when you want to protect your documents fully. Try to tear this envelope and you won't get very far! This envelope is tear-proof and water-resistant, perfect for those long journeys cross country. Very close to an A7 envelope size, these envelopes are perfect for fitting your precious 5 x 7 photographs, invitations, or cards. You can even store your office index cards in here, this way you can be as organized as possible. Each of our options comes with a strong self-adhesive strip, making it easy for your documents to stay in place and easy for you to close it all up.

We have categorized our 5.0625 x 7.1875 Cello envelopes by color, this way you can easily pick one that fits your situation. Not only do we have vibrant, solid colors to choose from, we also have ones covered in beautiful designs. From fiber designs to floral designs, from light shades to bold shades, we have it all. Be able to protect and decorate with our envelopes!
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