3.125 x 3.125 Square Envelopes

Being balanced is always a good thing, and with these square 3.125 x 3.125 envelopes, symmetry is certainly in your favor. All of these envelopes come with sharp v-flaps for the most modern look you can find. And the tiny size (note, these are not mailable), will surely bring a sweet touch into any occasion. These envelopes are perfect for that unique thank you note, that sweet letter attached to a bouquet of roses, even an elegant holder for your wedding place cards.

Our page is categorized by color. This way you will be able to pick one that fits not only your personality, but the occasion that it is made for. From neutral colors like black or white, which are perfect for those black tie events to beautiful, shiny metallics like Copper and Anthracite. Even though these envelopes are small, doesn't mean they won't make an impact. Choose square, choose tiny, choose stylish.

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