22 x 27 Envelopes

That's right! These are our BIGGEST envelopes we have in stock! Measuring in at a colossal 22 x 27 inches, our envelopes are sure to keep your BIGGEST items intact and out of harm's way. Not a lot of companies can say they make this big of an envelope and in a variety of colors and styles too. The strong paper will ensure that your documents will stay protected. Store your work documents such as blueprints, reports, or presentations inside. Or store your artsy items like paintings, drawings, photographs, and other crafts inside. Maybe even organize your legal and confidential files in here. Any item you decide to put inside will make your office space as organized as possible. No more papers flying everywhere!

Both of our 22 x 27 Envelope choices come with an option of a clasp feature. This metal clasp will ensure protection and guarantee security. The large brown envelopes also come in a gum closure that will create a smooth look and be the perfect shield for your documents. Try our silver and grey envelopes for a stylish yet professional look or go simple and durable with our brown kraft options. These envelopes open on the short side, which is also known as an open end envelope. This makes your products stay inside longer! And the straight flap is sure to keep your modern look alive. So go for the BIGGEST envelope today!

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