13 x 18 Envelopes

You've wanted to blow up your photograph for a while now, but are afraid of sending it off with the corners bent, and ultimately the portrait ruined. Now, with our 13 x 18 Envelopes, your bigger photographs and beautiful moments captured will be protected without any worries. Our envelopes, also known as photo mailers or cardboard mailers, are made of stiff cardstock material. The strong and sturdy material will keep all of your documents, photographs or not, from bending. Great for not only protecting your photographs, but also your confidential files or reports that cannot be harmed, even projects that need to be protected before handing it to your teacher.

We've categorized this page by color, making sure that you'll find the perfect fit for your portraits. Go for our Black 13 x 18 Envelopes when you decide that sophistication needs to be presented inside and out. Or go for our white envelopes for a super clean look. We even carry brown envelopes for the most professional and common color you can find. Both of our white and brown choices are 100 percent recycled, for a safe environment! Get your larger photos, paintings, and crafts protected with these stiff envelopes!

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