Yellow Policy Envelopes

Add to the appeal of your announcement or invitation. Yellow Policy Envelopes are a creative and bright alternative to more basic envelopes. These envelopes all open on the short side, giving your invitation a vertical look instead of the standard horizontal. Special DIY invitations that need an elongated envelope will fit perfectly inside, and pamphlets, brochures, and catalogs certainly won't be overlooked.

Not only do these come in a bright yellow hue that no one can miss, but they are also of high quality. So when you want to store your stamps, to-do lists, coins, jewelry, or more in here, you won't have to worry about anything falling out or the envelope ripping. Most of this collection is 30% recycled too!

Yellow Policy Envelopes are available in #10 Policy, #11 Policy, #12 Policy, and #14 Policy.

We also have a collection of Yellow Coin Envelopes too! #1 Coin, #3 Coin, #5 1/2 Coin, #6 Coin, and #7 Coin.

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