Yellow Large Booklet Envelopes

A direct mail delivery sent right proves to be useful to the recipient. But your direct mail will never stand out if you're following the norm. Instead of scrambling to follow the trend, set the trend yourself. Yellow Large Paper Booklet Envelopes are the brightest color on the spectrum. Big and bold, these envelopes are bursting with color and are unlike the standard envelopes you typically see in the mail. Everyone will remember what you sent just because of the envelope! Have a manuscript that you want to send to the publisher? We bet it will get more attention than that other story with that regular colored envelope.

Fit your oversized leaflets, magazines, brochures, or press kits in these large yellow envelopes and instantly get noticed. Paper Booklet Envelopes come in four different shades of yellow, so you can choose the one that's most suitable to you.

Yellow Large Paper Booklet Envelopes are 9 x 12” in size. They're available in Yellow Bright Hue Recycled, Light Yellow, Translucent Primary Yellow, and Sunflower.

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