Red Tiny Envelopes

"Though she be but little, she be fierce" - Shakespeare

We're pretty sure Shakespeare was referencing our Red Tiny Envelopes and not one of his characters but let's not share this secret. Our Red Tiny Envelopes may be small and little, but they are fierce, attractive, and vibrant! These envelopes are an easy way to make chic table seating cards for an event or wedding. Charming and adorable, Tiny Envelopes can simply serve as a stunning party detail, or can perfectly accentuate a red themed occasion, or maybe even be added to a bouquet of roses with a little love note inside.

Red Tiny Envelopes are also ideal for giving gift cards, especially ones for the holiday season, anniversaries, or Valentine's Day.

Note: Envelopes are too small to mail on their own but too fierce to forget about grabbing a pack of 25!

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